Generally, children shouldn’t have nail polish on their nails. Though no regulations prohibit it, it is not recommended medically because children do not know how to take care of their nails as well as their elders do. But, a teenage girl has a comparatively mature mindset than a child. So, you can allow your teenage daughters to have nail colors. However, the color choices should suit her. Otherwise, it can play havoc with their psyche and scar them mentally. Therefore, we advise each parent to have wholesale nail supply stocked at home to enable their teenage daughters to experiment.

Nail Colors That Suit Teenagers

Let us begin with the reds

Nail Colors That Suit Teenagers

Red is a versatile choice when it comes to nail colors. It suits everyone, right from nine to ninety. Many people equate the red shades with sensuality, but it is not necessarily correct. Red is a beautiful color that shines well and brings your personality into the open. And if you have fair skin, red is the perfect icing on the cake.

You get different red shades. So, you can advise your teenage daughters to go for the matte finishes as glossy nails can look overtly attractive. The teenager might not be well equipped to handle the attention she could get. So, the deeper reds with a brownish tinge should be perfect for teenagers.

The metallic shades look heavenly

Nail Colors That Suit Teenagers

Generally, you associate metallic shades like golden, silver, or bronze with older women in their thirties. But, do you know these colors can look beautiful on your teenager’s nails. You should try them out to understand how they can affect their confidence levels.

Teenagers do not use gold ornaments like bracelets or rings as their counterparts in the thirties do. So, the metallic shades like gold compensate for the jewelry to make the nails look enticing. So, when you look to replenish your supply nails, please ensure to stock up on these metallic hues. Your teenage daughters will love experimenting with these shades.

The white magic still works

Nail Colors That Suit Teenagers

Though white is the most underrated color, it has a unique place in nail polish. Recently, you can see celebrities canvassing white nails to enhance their attraction factor. So, it is natural for teenagers to get influenced, especially when they see their favorite stars wearing white nail polish.

If you feel white does not look nice on your daughter’s nails, you can be in for a massive surprise. White and its off-variants like the butterscotch cream shade are the favorites of teenagers globally. It allows them to express themselves most positively and create a special niche.

The light pink adds to the innocence

Nail Colors That Suit Teenagers

Every mother feels that her daughter is innocent and does not know much about the outside world. Maybe, this protective trait binds mothers to teenage daughters more than sons. So, mothers love to see their teenagers wearing light pink nail colors to add to their innocence factor.

Secondly, pink is the perfect transition color as the teenager moves from childhood to adulthood. The beauty of pink is that it makes teenagers look older than they are. But, at the same time, it also makes them look innocent. So, it is the perfect blend of innocence and maturity that your teenage daughters can easily carry off.

The lavender color should please all

Nail Colors That Suit Teenagers

Your daughter is going through the most beautiful phase of her life as a teenager. So, you should give her the best nail colors by stocking up the nail wholesale supply with the most attractive colors. The lavender shade should take the cake when enhancing the attraction quotient. It is one of the most beautiful colors on your nails, regardless of age. So, this hue looks heavenly on your teenager’s nails as much as yours.

The nude finish is always the best to have

Nail Colors That Suit Teenagers

The beauty of the nude nail polish finish is that it suits every skin tone. So, if your teenager has a tanned skin tone, you can tan the nude shade accordingly to match her skin color. Similarly, people with lighter skin tones can dilute the nude shades and make them complement the skin color perfectly.

The nude shades encourage your teenager to try appropriate nail art designs that suit her age and preferences. So, nail art designs should be foremost when you order your supply of nails wholesale.

Final Thoughts

Teenagers love making choices, but as mothers, you are responsible for choosing the colors well. Otherwise, she might end up with off-looking shades that can considerably dent her confidence and affect her psyche. So, this post should help teenagers and their mothers choose the best shades that suit them. Therefore, use this advice and have a great time showcasing your beautiful nails on Instagram and Pinterest.