Wearing nail polish at your office is an amazing way of standing out. Most people have this misconception in their mind that nail polish isn’t appropriate for the office environment, however, it’s 100% ok if you wear your nail polish the right way.

7 Dip Powder Nail Color Tips for Working Ladies

Choosing dip powder nail color allows you to look elegant in your office. Instead of worrying about which colors to pick and which trends to avoid, you can follow the seven tips mentioned below to have perfect hands at your office. Let’s dive into it!

Top 7 Dip Powder Nail Color Tips

Don’t Go with Neon Colors

Who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of neon colors? There’s no denying the fact that neon colors look amazing when you are at a party or having a fun time with your friends and family, but choosing a neon dip powder nail color isn’t perfect for a professional environment.

Most workplaces don’t approve of the use of neon colors. However, if you work at a place where you are not discouraged to wear the nail polish color you like, you can go with neon colors too.

Funky Nails Arts Ruin the Look

Funky nail arts have gotten popular over the years. They allow you to show your personality the right way. Another thing to note here about funky nail arts is that you can easily have them on your nails with nail dip powder. But no matter how attractive funky nail arts are and how much you love them, it’s better to avoid them if you are working at a professional company. The reason behind this is that these nail arts make you appear childish.

Adding Glitters Isn’t Important

Remember that adding glitter to nails doesn’t work out right on all occasions. You have to be careful about which clothes you are wearing and to ensure that your glitters don’t look odd. You might be tempted to add glitters to dip powder nail color, but keep in your mind that glitters don’t look professional at your workplace.

Go with the Red Color

Most people associate the color “Red” with funky parties and lighter mode and don’t think it fits for the professional environment. However, contrary to popular belief, the red color is one of the best nail dip powders that you can wear at your workplace.

The reason why you should wear red is that this color makes you look elegant and sharp. You can match the color red with your professional attire, and it also allows you to highlight the jewelry on your hand.

Earthy Green Looks Amazing

What if you don’t want to look like the models that are represented in magazines? If you read most of the online guides, you will find that Red, White, and Grey colors are recommended the most. However, keep in your mind that these colors will give you a look that you might not like.

One of the great ways of looking different from other working ladies is wearing earthy green color. Earthy green is definitely one of the best nail dip powders as it allows you to enhance your personality. This color fits great with different attires and looks amazing on any skin color.

Give “White” a Chance

The white color is definitely the best nail dip powder for you if you want to look professional at your office. There’s no denying the fact that the white color is loved around the world for its gentle and innocent look.

Wearing white allows you to give you a pose, calm, and accurate look. With this color, it becomes easier for you to look charismatic at your workplace without overdoing anything. Another cool thing about the white color is that it doesn’t take as much time as applying funky nail arts.

Grey Color Is Underrated

There’s a common misconception that black color is a bit odd for the workplace. There’s nothing wrong with wearing black at your office, but if you don’t want to push things, you can go with the authoritative look of the grey color. Many people avoid the grey color as it seems boring to them. However, if you know how to match grey with your attire, it doesn’t look odd at all.

The main thing you should keep in your mind about the grey color is that it’s truly timeless. You can wear this color throughout the year, allowing you to maintain a composed look at your office without spending so much time.


It’s true that choosing the right nail polish color can be quite hectic. Even if your workplace is not strict about the color choices, you still have to ensure that you don’t pick any colors or designs that make you look childish. The seven essentials of nail powder tips mentioned above will make it easier for you to make a learned decision that makes you look professional.