Dip powder nails are making a big comeback in the world of manicures. It is time people realize that a one-time dip powder manicure can last for almost a month. Also, they serve the best nails that are brittle and weak. The popularity of OPI dipping powder is increasing with the wake of every day. Their powders and liquids do not have the characteristic pungent smell like that of acrylics. Furthermore, UV light is not required in the curing process. Thus, OPI dip powders remain healthier to both the manicurist and the client.

What Exactly Is Powder Perfection?

OPI dip powder is a sort of manicure that is heavily reliant on several coats that act as the nail’s finish. Polyethyl methacrylate is used in the formulation. Also, instead of using acrylate copolymer, the chemical used in acrylic nail polishes, OPI uses polymer powders. Resin is used in OPI as a base coat, and an activator is applied to act as the cure. A powder coating follows the avtivator, and a top layer then follows.

How OPI Dip Powder System Works

What happens when the nails have been prepped? Well, the liquid nail coat is brushed on one nail, and the nail is immersed into the colored powder at an angle of 45 degrees. The excess powder is tapped off, and the process is repeated on the rest of the nails. A brush can also be used to remove the excess powder. As you work on the second hand, the liquid activator can first be applied on the first hand to allow curing. On the first hand, make sure that you buff and contour. Apply a second activator coat and leave it to dry. The last coating should be the liquid topcoat, and it should be given time to dry between the coatings. In just 30 minutes, the old polish can be removed and a new one applied by a professional. Also, you can purchase an OPI dipping powder kit at wholesale nail supplies where they are offered at the best prices to facilitate your home DIY.

Ombre and French Tips Instead of Single Colors

After acquiring a collection of OPI powder perfection, you can create a solid color finish, give yourself an ombre look, or do a French manicure. OPI has a wide range of colors that can match your outfit and mood, among others.

Necessities for an OPI Manicure

Some products are needed for a powder perfection manicure when working with OPI. You need the base coat that is used as the footing for the manicure.  A clear set of powder is also required to help the shades to be more powerful. A topcoat is also essential. It helps protect the nails and give them a final glossy shine. The colored powder is needed to provide perfection and uniqueness to the nails. The activator is also necessary to cure the dip powders and the base coat. Fortunately, OPI kits follow all the essential components, including a brush cleaner liquid. 

OPI Powder Perfection Color Collection

From solid Black Onyx to soft white Funny Bunny, there will always be a shade that will suit your needs. You can also derive your new day’s power from the Big Apple Red. In a wedding reception, the perfect combination might be the Periwinkle Shimmer. You can also go for the gentle pastel hue of Galato on My Mind to welcome the springtime. Other colors in OPI market include the Taupeless Beach, Samoan Sand, Rich Girls Like Po Boys (Glacier Blue), Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow, Cojun Shrimp, Do You Lilac It, You Don’t Know Jacques, Lincoln Park After Dark, I’m Not A Waitress (Chianti red), Worth a Pretty Pene, Russian Navy, and Bubble Bath.

Several of the hues are not in the form of dip powder, with most of them being like I’m Not Really A Waitress. It makes it complex to choose the right shade due to the existence of a wide range of them. However, you can always get a discount when you purchase multiple colors at a go from wholesale nail supplies.

You can purchase the mini kits containing both DND polish and powder in one shade if you are interested in applying lacquer over your dip powder manicure. Also, some kits save money when you purchase them over buying individual powders because they contain five colors. There is KIT 1 and KIT 2 that includes all the basic components. You can also go for the OPI Pink and white collection if you are a fan of French manicures. It contains Passion, Samoa Sand, Bubble Bath, Alpine Snow, Funny Bunny, and Clear Set Powder. A lamp might not be needed for the curing process, but you need a Dip Mould that helps users to use white smile lines as you shape the nails. There is also a one pack activator and topcoat that you can purchase for the best results.


It is time to dump off the LED or UV light lamps that otherwise might cause cancer. You should let yourself get swayed away by the storm of OPI dipping powders because they provide you with a manicure that lasts longer; they are odorless, easy to apply, and are highly resistant to wear and tear while providing you with the most elegant finish.