Like other dip powders, Kiara Sky is one of the most fabulous manicure options to go for. It has a wide variety of colors that the users can choose from and lasts longer than most of the typical gels and acrylics. Users can enjoy a Kiara Sky dip manicure for up to 3 weeks. Furthermore, it strengthens the nails and is easy to apply or remove. It does not require LED or UV light to dry, and it takes less time to use and results in an elegant manicure that everyone years for. Kiara Sky dip powder color has diverse designs. The French manicure is a popular Kiara Sky nail design that requires distinct colors. This article gives you an insight into what you need for Kiara Sky French nails.

Kiara Sky Dip French Starter Kit

This is a kind of starter kit that allows users to enjoy long lasting, natural, lightweight, and more durable nails all year round. The package does not contain harsh chemicals, and it is professionally formulated such that it has complex bonds that prevent the nails from lifting, discoloring, or chipping. This professional nail kit is all-inclusive in that it comes with all the French manicure application requirements in a shorter time compared to other acrylics and gels. The kit is made up of a KS Dip Case, Dark Pink Powder (1 oz), Light Pink Powder (1 oz), Pure White (1 oz), Natural Powder (1 oz), Brush Saver (.5 fl oz), Nourish Oil (.5 fl oz), Top (.5 fl oz), Seal Protect (.5 fl oz), Base (.5 fl oz) and Bond (.5 floz).

Kiara Sky DIP ESSENTIAL – BASE (15ml)

Kiara Sky dip base glaze is the system’s second step. The base is used before the nails are dipped in the powder. The base is vital in allowing the manicure to last longer because it provides an area on which the powder firmly adheres. It is easy to use and contains calcium and vitamins to strengthen the nails. It comes in a 15 ml container that can be used several times.

Kiara Sky Dip Essential Refill – Base (60 ml)

The Kiara sky dip blaze gaze is the second step in the system. It is used before the user dips the fingers in the powder. It has a vital role in holding the powder to prevent chipping and provide the manicure with a longer life. Besides having calcium, the powder is formulated with vitamins that keep the nails strong all the time.

Kiara Sky Dip Powder Refill – Clear (285g)

If you are a fun of clear dip powders, this 10 oz provides you with a replenishing source of Kiara sky dipping powder to allow you to paint your nails with your favorite style or just encapsulate them. It can be used to refill your usual container or directly poured from the larger container. Furthermore, this powder does not contain chemicals that may damage the skin or the nails.

Kiara Sky Dip Essential – Top (15 ML)

The topcoat glaze is the dip system’s fourth step. It serves the purpose of any other topcoat. It protects the nails from the sun’s harmful rays and makes the nails shine, thus providing them with the best glare. This topcoat is manufactured in a unique way to work together with the dip powders. Furthermore, it gives the nails.

4-Packs Replacement Brushes

The replacement brush pack helps to maintain an excellent working order for your brush bottles. These bottles are designed in such a way that they allow easy replacement and removal of brush and allow ease of access to the applicator. The pack contains four brushes that can be used for a long time hence saving money.

Kiara Sky Acrylic Dip Powder – Dark Pink 28g/2oz

This is one of the newest products in the product line of the Kiara Sky dipping powder system. It contains easy to use dip powder that also results in long-lasting, natural, lightweight and robust Kiara sky dip nails. The product in this container does not pose harm to nails or even the nail beds. It is formulated in such a way that it does not use any form of harmful chemicals. Instead, it has calcium and vitamins added to strengthen the nails. It also comes with a strong bond that helps bind the dip powders to the nails and prevents lifting or discoloring. One hundred twenty distinct colors of this product make a great match with the nail lacquer and Kiara sky gel polish.


It is exciting to try a new style or product, but it becomes more comfortable when you are sure of the nature of the product you are about to use. Kiara sky dip powder system is professionally formulated to keep your nails healthy and elegant through the added vitamins and minerals. This article provides you with all the essential starter kit components for a French manicure.