While talking about the trending nail polish, how can we forget about the DND gel polish colors? There is a reason why these nail colors have been a cornerstone of every woman’s beauty style! Never heard about these gel polish before? Then, let me tell you that  Daisy Nail Designs are popularly known as DND nail polish and it has become more popular in recent years. DND gel colors are here to save your time and money indeed.

Compelling Reasons to Buy DND Nails Polish

Have you thought of purchasing an incredibly glossy nail color that’s both everlasting and strong? Then, let me tell you, girl, DND gel colors can be your next best nail color that you could ever have! Know the best part? With the innovation of these great gel colors, you can now stop worrying about digging your hands in your handbag to check your phone. These gel colors are so amazing that they last for more than two weeks and also, with a lesser risk of chipping your nails.

These best DND gel polish colors are made up of stronger ingredients that uphold the nails tighter than your traditional lacquers. They are available in almost every salon. However, the quality of Gel colors matters a lot if you want to get long- lasting and shinier nails. You can definitely trust this brand. DND gel polish is also used for a quick application, as it can be applied easily to your nails. These luminous colors also feel thinner when applied. DND gel colors are blended with natural vitamins to protect your nails from getting damaged and provide you healthier and stronger nails.

DND gel polish colors come in multiple eye-popping shades. They are available in all the fresh new colors to give you a complete look. If you have not yet tried these best DND gel polish colors, I would surely recommend you to invest.

Your nails can give you a properly dressed look. Try these best DND gel polish colors to stand out as “Life is not perfect, but your nails can be!”

Now that we know about the best DND gel polish. It’s not as hard to do your gel nails at home as you think. Let’s see how to use them and take care of your nails at home.

Step by Step apply DND nail polish at Home

As you know that DND gel colors are 100% in the gel form, you can make your nails look professional by applying these colors:

Firstly, shape your nails with a manicure file

Now, gently remove the shine from your nail plates

Pick any lovely shade from our wholesale DND gel polish colors that you would love to apply

Apply DND base coat and dry it under the UV or LED light

Do not apply thick coats on your nails, just two to three layers. Make sure you seal all the edges of the nails properly

Now, apply the top coat of DND gel polish

Cure under the UV or LED lamp

Finally, you can clean the sticky residue with a lint free alcohol or acetone pad

DND gel polish colors are easy to apply. Also, they last for more than 20 days when done properly. Make sure you dry them perfectly for fewer chipping nails

Ahead, let’s uncover some more tips to make your gel manicure last longer and keep your nails naturally healthy.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Nails Healthy with Gel Manicures

Avoid back to back gel manicures and let your natural nails breathe in between the time

Try not to peel off your gel colors from your nails. This can cause damage to your nails and you are likely to peel off your natural nail plate too!

For healthier nails, make sure you check the ingredients used in your nail colors before buying. When we talk about the DND gel polish colors, they are vegan and cruelty-free

Rehydrate your nails once your manicure is removed

Just as drinking water is important for your health, hydrating your nails is equally important for your nail health. You can use coconut, apricot, and other oils to hydrate your nails.


So, now I hope you got to know about the DND gel polish colors. Do you wish to buy DND gel polish? You can buy wholesale DND gel colors from here. Happy Shopping!