Having mature skin means you have to go a few steps extra in order to get an attractive makeup look. This is because mature skin has just entered into the aging phase and experiences many problems.

Issues Faced by Mature Skin During Makeup

It is important to know what common issues are experienced with mature skin, what remedies are there to solve these out and how you can get a beautiful makeup look on such skin type. This is what we are going to let you know in this brief guide. Let’s check it out.

Typical problems of mature skin

First of all, let’s talk about the problems you can face as your skin starts to get mature.

The most common issue with mature skin is that it starts becoming loose and thin. Elasticity is significantly reduced and the appearance of fine lines starts becoming prominent.

Mature skin also becomes rough and dry due to gradual loss of moisture. You can clearly see flakes and rough patches on your face which makes it very difficult for makeup to settle.

Mature skin also becomes thin and fragile. As a result, a minor mishandling can cause bruises on your face.

An easy skincare routine prior to makeup for getting rid of these issues

Prior to the application of makeup, you can take a few minutes for your skincare. This will not only benefit your skin generally, but will also help in the better settling of your makeup.

Firstly, you can apply a good moisturizer to let the dry patches soften a little bit. This will help the makeup stay longer without flaking out.

You should also use a retinol or collagen cream to let the loose skin tighten. Especially in the under eye, cheek and jawline area.

Use of a good sunblock before applying makeup is also a great way to prevent damage to the skin cells. Sunblock is a must to use for mature skin.

The ultimate makeup regimen for mature skin

Now let’s get straight into the makeup routine you need to adopt.

Firstly, use a mattifying primer to prep your skin. Apply it in a massaging, upward motion. Let it absorb into your skin completely.

Now comes the turn of a foundation. Apply using a soft tear drop sponge. Dab it all around your face.

After that comes the conceal and contour. You can use a cc cream for mature skin for this purpose. It is a great way to correct any color imperfections. You can apply it to all the pigmented spots on your face for effective camouflage.

Now that your foundation is done, you have to set it all with face powder. Do not compromise on this and choose the best face powder for mature skin. It will seal the foundation in place and you’ll observe how much longer it stays intact.

Now you can apply a light, rosy or peachy shade of blush on. Touch up your jawline area specially for enhanced effect.

You can also apply a highlighter for making your cheeks and forehead area more prominent.

Coming towards eyes, create the eye socket using a nude shadow. You can touch the outer crease with a bit darker shade. The inner rim can be made attractive using shimmery, golden or silver shades. Apply a mascara and an eye liner of your choice.

Lastly, you have to apply the lip color. Choose it according to your overall get up. A good red, mattifying lip color complements almost every look you go for.


Getting mature doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to look and feel beautiful. Just the use of the right products in the right way can help you achieve a youthful look even if you are in your 40s. Enjoy the beauty and glam you used to have when you were younger and live your life to the fullest.