OPI Dipping Powder Reviews

Dip powder nails are making a big comeback in the world of manicures. It is time people realize that a one-time dip powder manicure can last for almost a month. Also, they serve the best nails that are brittle and weak. The popularity of OPI dipping powder is increasing with the wake of every day. Their powders and liquids do not have the characteristic pungent smell like that of acrylics. Furthermore, UV light is not required in the curing process. Thus, OPI dip powders remain healthier to both the manicurist and the client.

What Exactly Is Powder Perfection?

OPI dip powder is a sort of manicure that is heavily reliant on several coats that act as the nail’s finish. Polyethyl methacrylate is used in the formulation. Also, instead of using acrylate copolymer, the chemical used in acrylic nail polishes, OPI uses polymer powders. Resin is used in OPI as a base coat, and an activator is applied to act as the cure. A powder coating follows the avtivator, and a top layer then follows.


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What Is the Right Way of Applying Tanning Lotion

We all have made that tanning lotion application mistakes that will trouble us throughout our lives. As a newbie, we get confused about the tanning lotion to be like any other lotion, which just needs to be rubbed all over the skin and then washed off.

However, let’s not carry this misconception with us anymore, instead learn the best way to apply tanning lotion for fair skin or any other type of skin. The basics of using the tanning lotion for any skin type are the same.

Let’s dive deeper and understand the pre-requisites of applying self tanners for fair skin or any other form of skin.


More importantly, the beginners should know the preparations required before starting with tanning lotion routine.

Skin Type

Before selecting the tanning lotion, do ensure that it is suitable for your skin type. People with fair skin going for tanning lotion for fair skin might have faced the issues wherein the skin doesn’t tan burns slightly and starts to peel off. Not only it causes pain but also a burning sensation, which is not an excellent way to start with a tanning regime.

On the other hand, if you have a normal Caucasian skin that has been less or not at all exposed to sun, the burn might not be that severe, but the tan will also be very moderate. Therefore, having a good understanding of the skin would help in zeroing in on the right tan regime.


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Beauty Salon & Day Spa

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Are you ready for some royal treatment in our day spa? Let FiFi Nail Salon treat you right! Our salon offers professional manicures and pedicures for enhancing your beauty to the New York, Manhattan area. Visit us for gels, acrylics, and silk nails. Not only do we offer a variety of artificial nail services, but we also specialize in the manicuring of natural nails. In addition, we offer mobile massage and waxing services for anyone, including  and best for pregnant woman at home or the hospital. Treat your employees at your office or cater any size party in our shop! No limitations apply. Fifi Nail Salon is your nail salon and massage services day spa. We offer a variety of nail services, including manicures and the best pedicure and waxing services in New York, NY

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We have licensed professional massage therapists on duty, and we also have massage tables and chairs for your convenience. Massage services can be brought to you, and corporate rates are available. Our family-owned-and-operated salon has 4 well-trained professionals, a relaxed warm atmosphere, and a very clean setting. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with every visit you make!

Mobile Spa

For corporations , events, private homes, bridal showers, or for single parties. We provide specialized manicures, pedicures, medical pedicures gel. We also have many nail techinans to ensure that everyone is being attended to. We also carry gift certificates!

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Previous clients include Jane Fonda & Barbara Streisand.

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